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Welcome to the BRACE Resources Library! It includes a range of products that were developed under the Natural Resources Canada led Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program, a cost-shared program supporting projects across all provinces, working in partnership with a  broad range of partners.

The purpose of this tool is to provide a library featuring a one stop compilation of BRACE results as they become available. This will support knowledge exchange, primarily among the BRACE Committee members (including project leads and provincial representatives), to build climate change adaptation capacity across Canada.

The library provides links to BRACE project websites that offer case studies, videos, courses, guides, tools and more. The library also hosts the new Climate Change Adaptation Resource Pathways (ARPs) – interactive/clickable PDFs that provide curated lists of key adaptation resources under 4 theme areas: adaptation 101, nature-based solutions, engineering and planning.  

 Use the legend on the left to start exploring BRACE resources!

Note: The BRACE Resources Library is evergreen and will be updated periodically as BRACE resources and products become available (e.g. some project results are expected later in 2022).

BRACE Projects

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