Adaptation Competencies


Adaptation Competencies

Climate Change Adaptation Competency Frameworks describe the knowledge, skills and behaviours that individuals and teams require to perform climate adaptation job functions. They also provide:
  • a practical approach to identify skills gaps and monitor performance in organizations offering climate change adaptation services;  
  • terminology for those hiring and those applying for jobs to communicate the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for climate adaptation work;
  • a foundation for designing courses with relevant learning outcomes that align with climate adaptation competencies.

Below you will find competency frameworks developed under the BRACE Program. 

Adaptation Competencies

noname_1650916115658Climate Adaptation Competency Framework

Developed by the Resilience by Design Lab, Royal Roads University

This report describes a framework that details 24 central competencies necessary for climate adaptation, and examples of associated behavioural indicators for those competencies. The framework establishes a shared understanding of climate change adaptation competencies that can help to 1) ensure that individuals and/or teams have the necessary skills and abilities required to perform an adaptation function, and 2) identify gaps in competencies that might be addressed by education and training, professional development or hiring.

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