Case Studies and Videos


Case Studies & Videos

Case studies are a great way to showcase real-world examples of climate change adaptation implementation. Below you will find a number of case studies on various adaptation topics, as well as videos that have been developed under BRACE.  


Speaker Series: Inspire Climate Adaptation

Developed by Up North on Climate, Laurentian University

This video series includes presentations focused on climate change impacts and adaptation in Indigenous communities in the Far North of Ontario, but are applicable to Indigenous communities across Canada. The series features presentations from First Nation community members, government representatives, health practitioners, academics, and others. Topics include food security, fire and emergency management, energy projects, traditional knowledge and more.


noname_1650912969812Our Changing Forest Video Series

Developed by the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners (NBFWO)

This video series helps build the capacity of landowners to adapt to changing environmental conditions on private woodlots. The series explores how our forests are changing, along with the climate, and what we can do now to keep our forests resilient and healthy for the future. The 5 video topics include:

  1. Understanding Change
  2. Assessing Your Forest
  3. Managing for the Future
  4. Stand 1: Balsam Fir Dominated
  5. Stand 2: Mature Mixedwood
  6. Stand 3: Young Mixedwood

Natural Infrastructure

This video series provides a tour of eleven sites in New Brunswick where nature-based solutions have been utilized to conserve and restore natural assets and ecosystems. The use of natural infrastructure and the implementation of naturalization projects can help to maintain the integrity of ecosystems and adapt to climate change. The following sites are explored in the video series:

  1. Moncton Naturalized Stormwater Management Pond
  2. Belcher St Managed Realignment
  3. MNAI Valuation Project (Riverview)
  4. Nicholas Beach Dune Restoration
  5. Shediac Municipal Garage Bioswale Project
  6. Dieppe Naturalized Stormwater Management Pond
  7. Lorne street Naturalized Stormwater Management Pond
  8. Madawaska Maliseet First Nation Stream Restoration
  9. Valuation of Wetland Ecosystemic services
  10. Sackville Town Hall Green Roof Project
  11. Bonus: Natural Brook Restoration

noname_1650914364007Kingsclear Shoreline Reclamation and Indian Brook Enhancement

Developed by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This case study features a shoreline reclamation project along the shores of the Kingsclear First Nation on the Wolastoq/Saint John River in New Brunswick. What motivated this project was the accelerated loss of shoreline habitat as result of extreme weather and increased precipitation. The restoration project was completed in 2016 and helped to reduce the impact of shoreline erosion and building community resilience to climate impacts, all while creating benefits for local biodiversity. The project also achieved important cultural benefits by re-establishing access to the Wolastoq for elders and by protecting Kingclear's local ceremony grounds near the river.

noname_1650914511006Assessing Nature's Salt Marsh Services in the Musquash Estuary

Developed by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This case study features conservation efforts in the Musquash Estuary, which is part of the Musquash Nature Reserve. The land surrounding the estuary is a haven for many native plants and wildlife, while the estuary itself plays a critical role in dampening the effects of climate change by reducing the impacts of sea-level rise and coastal erosion, and by sequestering carbon. This project showcases how natural infrastructure, particularly coastal wetlands, can increase a coastline's stability to future changes in sea-level rise and coastal erosion, and other climate impacts.  

noname_1650914594503Ward's Creek Riparian Enhancement

Developed by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This case study analyzes a restoration project that was developed on Ward's Creek in 2013 to address concerns over eroding banks and degraded riparian habitat. The goal was to improve the riparian and aquatic health of the creek through the use of bioengineering and natural-based approaches. Since 2014, the site has been flooded many times and the restoration efforts helped to alleviate flooding downstream and has become a demonstration site for bioengineering restoration as well as an opportunity to engage the public on nature-based adaptation solutions.

noname_1650919076650Map of Natural Infrastructure Case Studies

Developed by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This tool is an interactive map of natural infrastructure case studies taking place across Canada. There are numerous subjects for case studies represented on the map, including:

  1. capacity-building/engagement
  2. carbon offsets
  3. coastal restoration
  4. inland restoration
  5. land-use planning/policy
  6. natural asset management
  7. natural infrastructure
  8. protected areas
  9. restoration
  10. stormwater management

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