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Guides & Tools

Many BRACE projects developed new guides and tools to help particular audiences increase their capacity to act on climate change adaptation. Below you will find a number of these guides and tools.


noname_1650917561350Climate Change Resilience and Carbon Storage Silvicultural Prescriptions for the Acadian Forest Region

Developed by the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners (NBFWO)

This tool supports forestry practitioners in developing silvicultural systems to manage forest stands with the intended outcome of improving the stand’s climate change resilience and carbon storage. Answering questions about the tree stand via the Climate Change Decision Tree leads the practitioner towards individual recommended treatments. This silviculture-prescription tool was developed as part of a project aimed at building the capacity of woodlot owners to make management decisions that are adapted to climate change, through education and implementation of best management practices, resulting in forests that are more climate resilient.


noname_1650917630395Climate Change Adaptation Quick Guide: Climate Change Adaptations for Northern First Nation Communities and Individuals

Developed by Up North on Climate, Laurentian University

This guide contains a series of illustrations that present climate change impacts and adaptation options relevant to northern Ontario First Nation communities. The Quick Guide does not aim to present every possible adaptation option for dealing with climate change impacts. Instead, the purpose is to help start conversations about climate change adaptation options in First Nation communities. Whether the illustrations are used as posters, handouts, or slides in a presentation, the aim of the Guide is to spark ideas and get the ball rolling on discussions around adapting to climate change and creating climate resilient communities.

noname_1650921481136Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Infosheets

Developed by Up North on Climate, Laurentian University

This tool, which consists of a series of 2-page infosheets, was designed to help build capacity and knowledge about climate change, its continued impacts on the land, and the possible ways Indigenous peoples and communities can adapt and prepare. Each infosheet covers a particular theme, including: 

  1. climate change
  2. drought
  3. ecosystems
  4. flooding
  5. food security
  6. health
  7. infrastructure
  8. transportation
  9. wildfire

The infosheets provide explanations of climate change and potential adaptation strategies that can be applied to individual Indigenous communities, based on their individual needs.

Climate Change Terminology

noname_1651002767483Glossary of Climate Terms

Developed by the Government of Manitoba

This tool provides definitions for all of the climate change impact and adaptation terminology and concepts utilized in the Manitoba Climate Resilience Training (MCRT) training courses. The tool also provides an alternative definition, or interpretation, or way of knowing/way of understanding the terms and concepts from Indigenous communities, where possible.

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