Networks and Communities of Practice


Networks & Communities of Practice

Building and sustaining personal and professional connections is important when tackling a complex, cross‑cutting issue such as climate change adaptation. Below you will find adaptation networks and communities of practice to help build your knowledge and connect you with others working in the field.

Natural Infrastructure

noname_1650918250216Natural and Nature-Based Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice

Developed by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This Community of Practice is an online platform to exchange knowledge, best practices and lessons learned and build capacity amongst stakeholders to use and advance the field of natural and nature-based climate change adaptation approaches. This is a great platform for engineers, land-use planners, environmental organizations and others who want to learn more about nature-based solutions. Join if you want to connect, learn and exchange knowledge with a range of stakeholders, check out upcoming webinars, field visits, training and workshops around natural and nature-based adaptation, or send out a call for knowledge to the other members for help with a project or research question.

Regional Networks

noname_1650917975740Adaptation Learning Network

Developed by the ResiliencebyDesign Lab, Royal Roads University

The Adaptation Learning Network (ALN) aims to increase British Columbia’s capacity to prepare for and adapt to climate change. It works to enhance working professionals' knowledge and skills who care for the province’s natural resources and infrastructure, including engineers, planners, technicians, landscape architects, agrologists, biologists, and foresters. The ALN helps to build their skills through professional training in climate adaptation while encouraging knowledge exchange through a network of professionals in multiple disciplines.  

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