Webinars are a great way to share knowledge and expertise with a wide audience. Explore the BRACE webinars below to increase your knowledge on topics such as forestry, nature-based solutions, engineering, urban planning and more.


noname_1650920514467Building Capacity of New Brunswick Woodlot Owners to Adapt to Climate Change

Hosted by the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners (NBFWO)

This four-part webinar series is aimed towards woodlot owners and silviculture professionals, to aid in creating management plans for private woodlots that include climate change adaptation. The webinar topics include:

  1. stand dynamics; 
  2. emerging issues: pests and disease in NB forests; 
  3. extreme weather events; and
  4. the answer is blowing in the wind: a conversation on wind disturbance in the Acadian Forest of eastern Canada


noname_1650920708852Keeping the Fire Burning

Hosted by The Resilience Institute

This webinar series brings together both scientific and Indigenous knowledges to understand both the perception and management of the element of fire. The topics covered in this webinar series include: 

  1. climate change from a regional and global perspective
  2. Indigenous perspectives on climate change
  3. Indigenous Peoples relationship with fire: national and global experiences
  4. ethical considerations and guidance for ethical participatory video practice
  5. prescribed burning in Canada – part 1
  6. prescribed burning in Canada – part 2: fire management in the mountain national parks

Natural Infrastructure

noname_1650919312908Gibson's Journey into Natural Asset Management: Financial Implications

Hosted by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This webinar is focused on the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI) and their work in the Town of Gibson, British Columbia—North America’s first community to experiment with integrating natural assets into asset management and financial planning. Municipal natural asset management is in its infancy in the town and initial efforts to document the overall impacts, benefits and lessons of municipal natural asset management are ongoing. As part of this effort, this webinar focuses on a subset of issues related to financial planning and reporting.

noname_1650919449510Quantifying the non-market benefits of coastal adaptation and natural infrastructure: implications for cost-benefit analysis

Hosted by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This webinar is focused on key tradeoffs and economic values associated with different approaches to coastal adaptation, and what it means for adaptation that will be most beneficial to the public. This webinar includes an evaluation of tradeoffs between green and grey infrastructure for coastal adaptation, and the benefits and costs that can result. The focus of the webinar is how economists conceptualize and measure the benefits and costs of coastal adaptation, with particular emphasis on more difficult-to-quantify non-market benefits. It also covers the difference between financial (or accounting) benefits and costs, and economic benefits and costs.

Hosted by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This webinar discusses two pilots that the Science and Engineering Research Support Society (SERSC) completed with the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI). Through these pilots, natural assets in the New Brunswick municipalities of Riverview and Riverside-Albert were considered as assets, in the same way as built infrastructure. In Riverview, wetlands and forests were assessed for stormwater management, and in Riverside-Albert, forests were assessed for water treatment and supply. In both pilots, natural assets were found to be essential parts in providing municipal services now and in the future, considering climate change.

noname_1650919792219Sea Level Rise and Approaches to Adaptation

Hosted by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This webinar series covers the important topic of sea level rise (specifically on the East Coast of Canada) through three webinars: 

  1. What’s so bad about rising tides? Teaching sea-level rise, with Sébastian Weissenberger
  2. Identifying Eel River Bar First Nation’s vulnerability to sea level rise: a two-eyed seeing approach, with Carole-Anne Gillis
  3. Green-gray hybrid coastal protection: examples from the Maritimes, with Vincent Leys

noname_1650919908227Practical Advice on Green Infrastructure for the 21st Century

Hosted by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This webinar analyzes various successful programs and standards for green infrastructure (GI) across Canada and explores what makes GI guidance successful and usable. Targets, drivers, and barriers are discussed in the context of Moncton, New Brunswick and through a review of three successful programs from Metro Vancouver, Edmonton, and Kitchener. Practical advice on creating guidelines, design, and construction of GI is provided throughout the presentation.

noname_1650920052965Naturalized stormwater management ponds (French Only)

Hosted by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN)

This webinar analyzes the Naturalized Stormwater Management Pond Project, in the city of Dieppe, New Brunswick. The city has developed naturalized retention basins to help manage and filter stormwater using natural vegetation off Aquatique Street in the Dieppe Industrial/Business Park. This webinar includes the topics of planning, design, costs and maintenance associated with the project, and also revisits the appearance of the project 17 years after its construction.

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